Audeohost helps businesses to do more with content that you control giving your guests a more connected and enjoyable experience.

It delivers sound in an otherwise silenced or noisy setting, delivering clear live audio commentary for your screens or sports event directly to your guests. For example in a bar, it lets you un-silence your TV screens and lets you host multiple events side by side when you have multiple sources such as set top boxes and streaming services. At a live game, it can deliver commentary to fans, giving them that extra engagement and excitement as the game unfolds.

For guests the connection is simple – connect to your access point – run the app – choose from the audio menu – play and enjoy. A listening zone can be quickly setup with a phone and a bluetooth speaker – no wires, no fuss!

For business operators, Audeohost helps engage your patrons with a “silent disco” of live sports and other sound, increasing dwell time and the opportunity to upsell/resell to a larger group of guests and patrons. Guests can be socially distant and move around without missing commentary.

Audeohost promotes onscreen and in-house events upfront to help drive greater foot traffic and walk-ins.

And If you did want to organise a silent disco, you now have the tools to make it happen!

Hearing the Complete Picture™

Connected customers are happy customers - Engaged, Excited and In the moment!