To help you to have the best Audeohost experience and resolve known support issues, please find some helpful support information below:

If these are of no help whatsoever, please email (,  tweet @Audeosupport, call +1 (647) 479-2847 or +44 (20) 3384-5300.

Venue says it has Audeohost but I cannot find an Wi-Fi Access Point

  • Ask if the Audeohost system is on/available and for the Access Point or Wi-Fi name
  • Move around to discover the AP – the signal may be weak or there may be in a blind spot within the venue. Let our support team know the venue and we will work with them to improve coverage. 

So many Access Points, so little time –  

  • Audeohost, where installed is normally available on guest Wi-Fi. At some venues, it may have its own Access Point.

Connected to an Audeohost Wi-Fi Access Point but no sound –

Scroll the available channels. If you do not get sound on your device:

  • Check your device volume
  • Make sure you have a Wi-Fi connection to an Audeohost AP
  • Make sure that the system is switched on. Please ask your server.

Bluetooth headsets – 

Bluetooth headsets, particularly on iOS “do what it says on the tin” and sync automatically.
On Android devices, depending on the manufacturer, the sound quality can be slow, or delayed. We continue to work to resolve this issue.

Also. If you experience crackling or other distortion, this can further delay playback sync.

Loss of lip sync –

The Audeohost environment is optimised for each venue. Audeohost users can walk into any Audeohost venue and tune into the location audio. Occasionally – the audio can slip sync.
To resolve this:
METHOD 1: Scroll between channels and back to the channel you want to hear.
METHOD 2: Stop and restart the player. If it continues to be an issue, please contact support

NB: We are working on an alternative solution to resolve this.

Wi-Fi disabled is displayed in your Audeohost app –

You may not be properly connected to the required Access Point ( Wi-Fi AP) or close enough. Please reconnect to an appropriate AP and try again. You may have to exit the app and restart it.
You have gone out of range of the Access Point (AP) that you were connected to. Please search for another Access Point (AP) and connect to that access point.