Audeohost delivers location based sound from in-house entertainment to your guest’s smartphone.

Audeohost connects people to places – bars & restaurants, waiting rooms, museum or tour venues, essentially anywhere that audio will enhance the user experience.

The app is available free from Google and Apple stores <- click the link for your device to install and begin using at Audeohost venues.

Look for and connect to an Audeohost or “Sound” Wi-Fi Access Point, run the app and begin to enjoy live commentary on your phone.

A moving picture can paint a thousand words, and art is rich in history. Both are rich in content. Let Audeohost carry the voice that explains the history, the present story and so much more….

Audeohost gives patrons real-time commentary with all of the latest news, gossip, goals, spills and thrills. When you want the detail in the artwork, it helps the curator to deliver that too!

Whether in busy or quite places, Audeohost lets you listen, in person!

Audeohost engages people. Its a reason to visit your venue. It’s another reason to stay~

Please tell your friends about Audeohost and let us know of venues youvisit that will benefit from having Audeohost.